Cleansing &Clearing

 Signature Blends for Cleansing Space ,Clearing Energy & Calming  The Spirit   always in the perfect amount   A pinch to burn  ,  A bit to add or spoonful to use ..  a beautiful way to care for your Sacred Spaces .


A Pinch To Burn

Sage & Lavendar 


A Bit To Add 

Salt Cleanse Blends

Himilyan Pink Salt, Lavendar,Rosemary,Thyme 

Black Salt Blend

Herbal Casting Blends

 Rose,Chamomille,Clove & Lavendar


Custom Blended Oils

 Custom Oils Featured Monthly   

Single $ 12.00

Set of 2 $22.00

Set of 3 $31.00

Limited  High Quality High Vibrational

 Exotic Blend of Blue Lotus Oil 

Single 10 Ml $125.00 

Gift Sets  & Speciality Items

  Unique  Box Sets  for creating your  gentle rituals , maintaining your Sacred Space or   Special Gifts for  friends & family .

Pre Boxed  or Made to Order 

 Prices Vary Depending  made to order or Pre  Boxed 

Box of Two

Box of Three 

Box of Four

Drinking Stones

For Spiritual and physical well being   


Red/Blue/Yellow/Green Florite 

Single Dose 

Double Dose 

Multi Dose 


 Limited  Hand Dipped High Quality High fragranced Incense Featured Monthly

$ 5.00 

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